They say the lands of Amyr were once a bastion of knowledge and civilization; a land of promise and boundless potential. Ancient man cultivated and used knowledge of the old magics to create wonders and prosperity never before known. That was until hubris lead to the twisting of the old magics to destructive ends. The Last War of Men wrought devastation the likes of which had never been seen before or since. By the end of this bitter dispute; the knowledge, civilization, promise and the potential of the once great society were extinguished alongside a billion lives.

Now Amyr is a world in twilight. The sages speak of the past only in whispers if at all. Knowledge of the old magics has been lost for millennia, replaced now with eldritch and arcane practices. The children of ancient man huddle together in what few towns and cities born since; pinpoints of civilization and light, in an otherwise dark and monstrosity-haunted world. And within that darkness, where fell things lurk, something ancient and evil begins to stir…

The omens have been clear. Many years ago, Valthrun the Great Sage sent forth a band of adventurers from Loudwater into the darkness of the wilds to recover an artifact of great malice. Two and a half decades later, the band has returned to a world in great peril…


“The Clikity Clack Clan” Adventuring Company

name race (Sex) class (Level) Title.
Bashem Dragonborn (M) Dreadnought Tempest Fighter (11) “The Disgraced Warrior”
Sorrow Tiefling (M) Astral Savant Devoted Cleric (11) “The Dark Devotee”
Terrormoon Half-Elven (F) Ruthless Punisher Barbarian / Ranger (11) “The Champion of Monia”
Twinklin Dookie Tiefling (M) Blade Bravo Brawny Rogue (11) “The Ass Stabber”
Valinara Eldarin (F) Sharpshooter Two-Blade Ranger (11) “Fey Princess of the Autumn Court”
Damali Human (F) Justicar Virtuous Paladin (11) “The Light in the Dark”
Sharessa Human (F) Spell Commander Battlesmith Artificer (11) “Seeker of the Old Ways”
Brewgard Mead Dwarf (M) Winter Fury Rageblood Barbarian (11) “The Lost Returned”

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The Story Thus Far…

Before their disappearance two and a half decades ago, the adventuring company known as the Clikity Clack Clan was lauded in Loudwater for their courage and heroism. Their exploits were many:

Act 1 – “The Adventure Begins”

Adventurers: Azura von Midnight, Bashem, Twinklin Dookie, Sorrow, Patron, Valinara, Sharessa, Brewgard Mead, Proto

Start Date: The 23rd Day of the Fifth Month of the Year 445, Year of Vanished Sons Time: Mid-Afternoon Region: Gray Vale Location: half a days ride from Loudwater

A nameless band of adventurers travel the long neglected roads between Kingsbridge and the frontier town of Loudwater in search of adventure, glory, and treasure. They soon find themselves set upon by black cloaked brigands prowling the roads around the old frontier town. The adventurers successfully dispatch the group but upon entering Loudwater they find the town is currently being terrorized by more of the black-clad brigands. The brigands are led by a young gunslinger named Bandit Keith and his five lieutenants. The town’s burgomaster, Lord Vallain, hires the adventurers to free his town from their grip, promising a reward of 500 gold pieces for the head of Bandit Keith and 50 gold pieces for the heads of each of his fellows. During investigations of Loudwater’s current plight, the adventurer’s discover Bandit Keith and his men were originally hired by the Burgomaster to rid the surrounding woods of beastmen raiders. When the beastmen threat was finally rectified, Lord Vallain reneged on the deal. Bandit Keith, deterred from direct retribution by Lord Vallain’s personal mercenary guard, vowed to take what was owed him from the people. Upon discovering this secret, the adventurer’s attempt to negotiate with Bandit Keith to no avail; he refuses listen to those who have murdered so many of his men. He gives the adventurers but two choices, join his band or die in the streets. Numerous battles and dozens of bodies later, Bandit Keith lies dead at the adventurer’s feet. True to form, when the adventurers go to the Burgomaster to collect their reward, Lord Vallain offers them less than half of what was promised. Again, the Burgomaster’s personal mercenary guard, The Wolves of the North, discourage direct retaliation. Nevertheless, the people of Loudwater appreciate their deeds and the adventurers are lauded as heroes and dubbed the “Heroes of Loudwater”.

Act 2 – “The Necromancer’s Tower”

Adventurers: Azura von Midnight, Bashem, Twinklin Dookie, Sorrow, Patron, Valinara, Sharessa, Proto

Start Date: The 2nd Day of the Sixth Month of the Year 445, Year of Vanished Sons Time: Morning Region: Gray Vale Location: Loudwater, Wayfarer’s Inn

Bandit Keith was not the only ill plaguing the small town. The adventurers soon find themselves investigating the strange disappearances of local orphans on behalf of the Matron Mother of Loudwater’s Orphanage. After speaking with the remaining orphans, all signs point to a mysterious gnome, Loudwater’s current cadaver collector recently hired by Lord Vallain. The adventurers had previous dealings with the gnome, having been paid 5 gold pieces for each body of Bandit Keith’s slain men. They learn the gnome currently takes residence in an abandoned tower outside the town walls. The tower is located in the center of an old graveyard somewhere in the surrounding forests to the east and south. That same night a strange lightning storm sweeps over the region. While no rain falls, violet lighting lances across the darkened skies and a bizarre cloud funnel begins to form over the forests to the east and south. Sensing the urgency of the moment, the adventurers immediately set forth to find the source of these strange happenings. An old trail through the forests leads directly to the ancient tower. When they arrive, they find the tower is haunted and crawling with various forms of the risen dead; amongst their number include the corpses of the black-clad brigands previously sold to the gnome. At the base of the tower the adventurers can see the towers pinnacle aglow with a sinister crimson light. They also notice the lightning storm’s cloud funnel sits directly above the old tower. The very air around them seems charged with dark power. The party successfully battles their way through the tower’s undead masses to its apex, freeing the majority of the missing orphans and an old farmer along the way. Finally reaching the tower’s top, the adventurers find themselves amidst a sinister ritual. The eccentric gnome cadaver collector alongside cultist clad in white robes and onyx disk medallions chant strange eldritch words around a strange artifact seated upon a raised dais. Around the dais’ base, the remaining missing orphans lie trapped within smoldering crimson arcane runic rings. Tendrils of ethereal energy rise from the runic circles to the strange artifact before being redirected into the lightning storm’s cloud funnel. Sensing time is of the essence, the adventurers strike, ultimately saving the remaining trapped orphans and ruining the sinister ritual. During the conflict, the eccentric gnome cadaver collector is revealed to be an infernal oni in a gnome’s guise. The head cultist, a grim dark haired eladarin woman, escapes the onslaught. The adventurers return to Loudwater victorious and are celebrated as heroes once more.

Act 3 – “The Quest for Armag”

Adventurers: Amadra the Conquest, Azura von Midnight, Bashem, Twinklin Dookie, Sorrow, Valinara, Sharessa, Proto

Start Date: The 4th Day of the Sixth Month of the Year 445, Year of Vanished Sons Time: Morning Region: Gray Vale Location: Loudwater, Wayfarer’s Inn

During their earlier adventurers in Loudwater, the players met the local lorekeeper Valthrun the Great Sage. Valthrun aided them with information and arcane expertise as they required. Upon the defeat of Bandit Keith, the wizard spoke of the premonitions and ill omens that have plagued his dreams and waking steps. He told of the fabled Book of Armag, an ancient tome of malign sentience and fell magics born during the First Age of Men. Valthrun also told of the need to keep this object of great iniquity out of the misguided hands seeking it. Believing he had located the current whereabouts of the dark tome, Valthrun commissioned the adventurers to explore a ruined structure within the caldera of the Star Mountains to the north. Shortly after the excursion into the necromancer’s tower, the adventurer’s set off to complete Valthrun’s request. Before the party leaves, the sage warns the adventurers not to touch the fell tome and gives them the Satchel of Binding Wards to carry the accursed object. The party travels through the Dire Wood to the Star Mountains in search of the infamous volume. Upon finally reaching the rim of the mountain’s caldera, the ruined structure of which Valthrun spoke can be seen at the center of great depression. The adventurers make their way down the caldera’s walls with minimum complications. Unfortunately, upon reaching the caldera’s bottom, the adventurers encounter a strange anomaly blocking their path. Reality ripples and the very air is infused with an unsettling turbulent energy. The adventurers deduce that the phenomenon is a weakening in the veil between worlds. With no way around, the party resolves to push their way through. Rebuffed by planar feedback twice, the battered adventurers finally break through the veil only to find themselves within a strange mist filled swamp located within the World that Was. The senses are dulled in this strange overcast marsh. As the party attempts navigate the swamp, they occasionally encounter ruined and twisted ancient edifices of stone and iron, bubbling patches of verdant slime, and thick patches of thorny meditation. Their attempts to navigate through the swamp are confounded by the ever-present mist clouds whose very presence causes confusion and misdirection. Multiple attempts to navigate through this strange place end with the adventurers being overtaken by the clinging mists. The adventurers always find themselves at the same location when the mists finally recede, an old rotted and worn cabin amidst the fouled waters. The cabin is inhabited by a rugged and unkempt man, named Brayus. Brayus offers the party what food and accommodations as he is able in exchange for simple companionship. The adventurers learn Brayus was once a Grey Ranger of Grey Haven back in the World of Men who became trapped here when overtaken by strange mists while out on patrol. Unable to navigate out of the swamp, he finally settled and created what shelter he could years ago. The adventurers then learn of a witch who may be able to influence the mists. After enjoying a dinner of bloated swamp frog stew and a full night’s rest, the adventurers successfully navigate through the swamp to the witch’s hut. The hut rises from the swamp on massive stilts and is adorned with thousands of miniature humanoid figures composed of twigs and swamp grass. Within, the adventurer’s meet the witch of the lost fens, Callendra. Callendra reads the adventurers’ fortune, then offers to aide their travel through the swamp’s mists in exchange for the head of one of her previous apprentices who lairs nearby. The party navigates the swamp until they find a wide cavernous depression. The muck filled tunnel leads to antiquated chamber filled with strange rusted objects and furniture of unknown make, as well as wide cylinders of cracked glass containing what looks to be incomplete archaic warforged. Amidst the ruined structure the adventurers encounter the witch’s apprentice, Grazenoth. The young green dragon is tattooed with sinister runes and proves to be not only a fury of scale and claw, but also an adept practitioner of dark magics. After a ferocious battle, the adventures return to the witch with the young dragon’s head. Pleased, Callendra entertains the adventurers for the night and gifts them with Callendra’s Bell, a charm empowered to keep the mists at bay. With the mists no longer an issue, the adventurers make their way towards the ruined structure identified by Valthrun. The party soon encounters another disturbance in the veil between worlds and find themselves on a bizarre yet peaceful hillside topped with a small nondescript white church. In this extraordinary place, colors seem too vivid to be real; the sun and moon revolve in mere minutes changing from day to night at an impossibly rapid pace; and an unnatural storm cloud seems to take shape slowly apart from the rest of time. Upon entering the church the party finds the interior to be of simple design. Light streams in through multicolored stained glassed windows patterned with infernal imagery, bathing the wooden pews and flooring in a reddish tinge. A large onyx disk sits against the back wall overlooking the room. Upon the main altar, the preacher gives a stirring sermon concerning the coming of the Enlightened One from a great alabaster book, the Book of Armag. The congregation below bellows and cries out as they receive it. The adventurers are beckoned forward as the prophesied ones and told to take part of a communion consisting of a tar-like substance and maggoty bread. In an attempt to get closer to the book the adventurers come forward. When the battle for Armag finally begins, the reality of the situation becomes fully known. The light streaming in from the windows begins to change towards a deeper reddish hue, deepening the shadows of the room and casting everything in a crimson glow. The wooden interior of the entire structure begins to age and rot. Cob webs of great length grow from creaking rafters. The preacher and his deacon begin to cackle in unison as the truth of their millennia long accursed existence is revealed. Flesh and muscle begins to slosh and fall away in clumps like wet clay leaving naught but malice and bone. The remaining congregation cries out in anguish as their bodies fall to the ground and shrivels first to desiccated husks, then degrade further into piles of bone remnants and dust. In their place stand spectral images of their former selves. Their faces twisted with anguish and hate. An epic battle ensues ending only when the adventurers successfully contain the Book of Armag within the Satchel of Binding Wards. With the evil book captured, the adventurers find themselves returned to the Star Mountain’s caldera standing before the ruined structure they sought.

Act 4 – “Homeward Bound”

Adventurers: Bashem, Twinklin Dookie, Sorrow, Terrormoon, Valinara, Sharessa, Rause, Scorpianna

Start Date: The 16th Day of the Third Month of the Year 472, Year of Fell Tidings Time: Late Afternoon Region: Gray Vale Location: Dire Woods, Dilapidated Ruin

Unbeknownst to the adventurers at the time, twenty five years have passed since they last set foot upon the World of Men. As they make their way down the slopes of the Star Mountains they can see the forest below littered with the fires of a thousand encampments. The return journey to Loudwater proves perilous as the adventurers find themselves constantly accosted within the forest by teaming hordes of beastmen bearing the totem of the wormed skull. The party is finally harried to a small grove containing the remnants of a dilapidated structure where they are forced to make a stand. The adventurers successfully repulse the first wave of attackers but it is only a matter of time before another assault comes. Exploration of the ruined structure reveals a sealed stone slab buried beneath the rubble of a collapsed wall. The previously sealed trapdoor leads to an underground chamber where the adventurers find a simple stone sarcophagus. Within they find the remnants of a slain Champion of Lynessa, buried in full battle regalia. Upon desecration of its resting place, the spirit of the vanquished champion rebuffs the would-be tomb raiders. Attempts to appease the vengeful spirit fail and the adventurers are forced to put the spirit to rest through skill of arms and mastery of the arcane. The forces unleashed during the battle expose a weakness in one of the chamber walls which reveals a cavernous passage leading into the undercaves which riddle the grounds beneath the Dire Woods. The adventurers battle their way through the underground passages before finally coming to a series of chambers defended by a group of familiar individuals, the Wolves of the North. Fighting is fierce through these series of halls but the adventurers again prove victorious. Battered, the party cautiously approaches the primary chamber the mercenaries were guarding. Inside, the adventures find a large ritual chamber inhabited by the alabaster robed wizard, Tession, and his companions. Tession and his similarly robed companions each wear a medallion of an onyx disk set with the image of an alabaster three-pointed crown. Tession seems unperturbed as he learns of the fate of his mercenary guard but instead is pleased that the adventurers have arrived. He has sensed the Book of Armag drawing ever closer and is please that it has finally arrived. The wizard offers to purchase the dark artifact and show the adventurers the path back to civilization. Negotiations go as high as two astral diamonds before the haggling process goes awry and the alabaster robed wizard attempts to take his would-be prize by force. The beleaguered adventurers barely survive the difficult fight but manage to force the wizard and the majority of his companions to escape by means of magical egress. Teleportation circles set up in a nearby chamber transport the adventurers to the abandoned tower outside of Loudwater’s walls. The path back to Loudwater lay clear…

The Story Continues…

Act 5

Episode #1 Homecoming

Episode #2 Captain Iksane’s Revenge