Forgotten Tomorrows

Season 2: Episode 1 "Homecoming"

Session #1 - 3/28/2010

The night is chill and wet. A steady drizzle falls about you, soaking through your adornments and dulling your spirits. At long last, after months of journeying through forsaken forest, swamp, and cavernous tunnels; you have returned to civilization. The streets about you lay quiet and still in the late night, most of Loudwater having long ago gone to bed. The only stirrings of life come from the tavern standing before you. The Wayfarer’s inn… Riotous celebration greets you as you enter. The tavern is full this night. The main room seems to be full of unsavory individuals, what looks to be armed ruffians and scoundrels mingling with men and women of the evening. The tavern goes quiet as you enter and you are greeted with hard looks. You notice that all the tables are full save for one of tables at the main room’s center.

Attending Adventurers: Bashem, Damali, Sorrow, Terrormoon, Twinklin Dookie, Valinara, Sharessa (NPC)

Our adventurer’s return to a world they don’t quite recognize. Our first session after our long hiatus kicks off with the players returning to the frontier town of Loudwater and standing before their previous base of operations, The Wayfarer’s Inn. Times have changed in Loudwater. While their last adventure has taken only a few short months from their point of view, two and a half decades have passed with the world of men. And so their story continues…

Date: The 28th Day of the Third Month of the Year 472, Year of Fell Tidings Time: Evening Region: Gray Vale Location: Loudwater, Wayfarer’s Inn

Session Notes:

The adventurers enter the Wayfarer’s Inn and are immediately greeted with hard stares. Assessing the crowd, they notice the tavern is packed with ruffians engaged in drinking, gambling, and flirting. They also notice a large bestial man and hard looking dwarf sitting at one of the corner tables; their table covered with piles of gold coins and other loot. Twinklin’s enchanted chaps begin to pulse with arcane power at the sight of the gold. All of the main room tables are full save for, strangely enough, one of the central tables. Terrormoon quickly takes stock of the surroundings. She notes there are roughly 20 or so ruffians of varying martial ability. Studying the way they carry themselves, she deduces half of them can be easily dispatched; the other half may have some ability but do not pose much of a threat individually. The large bestial man and dwarf sitting at the table offer the greatest individual threats if a fight were to break out. Terrormoon also notes that each ruffian shares a tattoo with similar motifs, that of anchors and black ravens. The majority of the adventurers move to sit at the empty central table while Damali decides to stand by and watch the exit. Upon seating themselves, the group is approached by three of ruffians from the crowd who crudely inform the adventurers the table is taken. They suggest the party move to some stools along the far wall. This leads to a few tense moments where hands begin to move towards hilts and an agitated Valinara prepares to preemptively strike. Terrormoon advises caution and then successfully intimidates the three ruffians into backing down. Battle is staved off for the moment.

In that instant, the tension is broken by the sound of a large wooden platter crashing against the tavern floor. A familiar figure from the past has appeared from the kitchen doors behind the bar. Silvana, a young teenage barmaid they knew previously, is now a middle age woman. She has dropped her carrying tray of mugs in surprise, much to the chagrin of the surrounding ruffians, at the sight of the long lost adventurers. She seems genuinely pleased to see the party. With tension momentarily defrayed, Bashem, Damali, Valinara, Sharessa head towards the bar to catch up with Silvana and order drinks while Sorrow, Terrormoon, Twinklin remain seated the central table.

Before long, the three ruffians continue to press the seated individuals and tensions begin to rise again as the group refuses to move. Valinara adds her input from the bar during the ongoing debate. One ruffian, not interested in her opinion, warns the “elven bitch” to her mind her own. Valinara bristles at the insult and prepares for violent retaliation. Tensions threaten to rise out of control but Terrormoon manages to keep the peace with words of caution and further intimidation. Noticing his fellows are beginning to lose face, the large bestial man previously counting loot alongside the hardened dwarf comes forward towards the seated adventurers. The large man is gruff as he begins speaking with the seated adventurers, but Sorrow diplomatically puts him at ease and his mood soon lightens. Tensions soon decrease. Terrormoon asks why the ruffians insist they not sit at this particular table. The large man informs them that a few of their fellows were recently slain during a recent business engagement; the table was where they usually sat. Sorrow, Terrormoon, and Twinklin acknowledge this and respectfully rise and head to the bar, offering the large man a drink of his choice. When asked what business they were involved in, the large man suspiciously replies “Import / Export”. At this point most of the tension has dissipated and the ruffians return to their celebrations.

At the bar, the majority of the adventurers engage Silvana in conversation while Terrormoon speaks with the large bestial man. During their various conversations, the adventurers learn the following pieces of information:

  • The previous proprietor of the Wayfarer’s Inn, Silvana’s father, perished a few years back. He often boasted of the adventurers exploits and considered them friends of the establishment. As such, the adventurers have no need to pay for room and board. Unfortunately, the ruffians have booked all the rooms save for one. If the adventurers don’t want to pile into that one room, there are some empty stable stalls available.
  • Local trade routes were opened thanks to the adventurers previous efforts, sailing ships now regularly come by way of the King’s River from Kingsbridge and Dragonsport. They also receive the occasional airship.
  • The ruffians currently in the tavern are air pirates. Their airship is currently docked in Loudwater’s River Port.
  • Beastman are becoming increasingly numerous in the Gray Vale region.
  • The burdens and hardships of the people of Loudwater have increased as the local Burgomaster has increased taxes to give tribute to the beastman horde in return for peace.
  • The town continues to be plagued with mysterious disappearances
  • Roughly a decade ago the following events happened: The local Church of the All-Father burned down, its halfling preacher Squiggs disappeared; the local orphanage burned down; the local Burgomaster charged Valthrun for “crimes against nature” and used mercenary forces to lay siege to his tower. The tower disappeared in a great flash of light during the siege.
  • The Church of the Enlightened Light is the new local church. Damali notes that these churches have begun springing up in towns and cities across the Grey Vale.
  • There’s a new local cadaver collector.

During the conversations, the adventurers notice the dwarf previously seated with the large bestial man is busy shoveling the loot on his table into a large burlap sac. Twinklin, Sorrow, and Terrormoon watch him closely but discretely. Once the loot is bagged, the dwarf proceeds upstairs with the treasure. He takes precautions to ensure no one is watching him. Once the dwarf disappears upstairs, Twinklin and Sorrow successfully make their way inconspicuously through the crowd and up the stairs without being noticed. After they carefully make their way up the stairs, they see the dwarf down the hall ahead of them. At the sight, Twinklin’s chaps pulse with eldritch power once more and before he knows what is happening he fades from sight, now cloaked in magical invisibility. Sorrow and Twinklin now attempt to sneak up upon the unsuspecting dwarf. The attempt fails; the dwarf turns to see Sorrow approaching him from down the hall and is immediately suspicious. Sorrow attempts ease the dwarf’s mind through conversation but his efforts prove unsuccessful. Twinklin, who is still invisible and unnoticed, manages to maneuvers behind the dwarf and brutally strikes him down before the situation can get out of hand. Twinklin’s magical invisibility fades during the attack. Twinklin and Sorrow collect the loot and hide the dwarf’s body in a previously locked <unlocked> and empty room. They then head back downstairs. While attempting to inconspicuously rejoin the crowd, Sorrow gives both he and Twinkly away by accidently making too much noise. The big bestial man becomes suspicious when he sees the two coming from upstairs, as he was unaware that they had even left the room. He stops the pair and begins to question them as they make their way through the crowd towards the bar. Realizing the jig is up, Terrormoon takes this opportunity to charge the big bestial man as he is preoccupied. Combat erupts as Terrormoon strikes the first blow.

Combat Highlights:
  • Terrormoon, with aid from Twinklin and Sorrow, make short work of the large bestial man. Together they assault the ruffians located within the western half of the tavern.
  • Bashem defeats the majority of the weaker ruffians with one well placed hurled enlarged dragon’s breath. Bashem and Damali defend the eastern side of the tavern.
  • Valinara and Sharessa maintain the center; their arrows and shots find their mark in ruffians spread across the room. Valinara joyously manages to slay the bandit who dared insult her.
  • 5 of 20 bandits escape the massacre. One particular ruffian is forced to flee upstairs and jump out of a window to escape. Another swears revenge has he flees.
  • Bashem’s breath leaves acidic scorch marks on the tables floor and ceiling of the eastern half of the tavern

Once the battle is over, the adventurers collect loot then pile the bodies out front for the town’s cadaver collector. Twinklin gives Silvana 100 gold pieces to cover damages and inconveniences. Silvana informs the adventurers that before Valthrun’s tower was placed under siege, he left behind a small package in her care for the adventurers should they one day return. She then gives the adventurers a small box. Within, the party finds an old parchment letter. Upon investigation the letter is written in an ancient dialect of draconic. Valinara, Bashem, and Damali are the only individuals within the party who know draconic and can undertake the slow process of deciphering the letter. Valinara volunteers for the task. The session ends with the adventurers resting the night at the tavern. Now that previous room bookings have been clear, they may rest in whichever rooms of their choosing.


Faction Changes

Black Raven Fleet: Unfriendly to Hostile


Experienced Earned:
  • Punctuality Bonus: 75 XP
  • Story Recap Bonus: 150 XP
  • Creativity Bonus: 150 XP
  • Roleplay Bonus: 300 XP
  • Forum Participation Bonus:—
  • Tavern Scene: 300 XP
  • Tavern Battle: 885 XP

Total Session Experience: 1860 XP

Total Experience: 27,860 XP

Percentage to Level:


I definitely think our teamwork is getting better. I am getting more comfortable with my character and understanding the game a bit better. If only there was a Dwarf amongst us…

Season 2: Episode 1 "Homecoming"

I think teamwork is definitely growing. Its also good see more players becoming comfortable in taking initiative. I’m definitely looking forward to future games. I’m trying to get this site updated so maybe you all can use it as a tool to plan out future adventures.

Season 2: Episode 1 "Homecoming"
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