Forgotten Tomorrows

Season 2: Episode 2 "Captain Iksane's Revenge"

Session #2 - 4/25/2010

Noone dishonors the Black Raven Fleet…

Attending Adventurers: Bashem, Brewgard Mead, Damali, Sorrow, Terrormoon, Twinklin Dookie, Sharessa (NPC)

Date: The 28th Day of the Third Month of the Year 472, Year of Fell Tidings Time: Evening Region: Gray Vale Location: Loudwater, Wayfarer’s Inn

Session Notes:

Following our previous session, our adventurers file into their separate rooms for a good nights rest. Unbeknownst to them, their old companion, Brewgard Mead, sleeps drunkenly in a neighboring room. As the adventurers rest, they are beset with disturbing dreams. Horrid dreamscapes filled with vile imagery and worm filled vistas plague their slumber. For Sorrow in particular, the dreams are particularly vivid. During the night, Twinklin awakes to find the Satchel of Binding Wards, containing the Book of Armag, aglow in a baleful crimson light. Unperturbed, Twinklin goes back to sleep. Bashem alone escapes the disturbing nightmares. Instead his sleep is filled with a succession of dreams centered on champions battling foes greater than themselves in single combat. In each dream, the champion courageously wields the mighty Flax of Lynessa to victory. These dreams continue for most of the night.

Sometime before dawn Twinklin, Brewgard and Terrormoon are awaken by the building rattling around them. Rushing to the windows, the awakened adventurers see a large airship down upon them. The airship flies the flag of the black raven and is set on an obvious collision course with the tavern. Before their companions can be awokened, the airship plows into the front of the tavern. The front rooms of the upper floor are smashed into the ground as the airship literally lands atop the front portion of the tavern. Incidentally, Damali slept unsuspectingly in one of these front rooms. As the dust settles, a cannonade resounds. Cannonballs rip from the through the tavern’s remaining roof, blowing holes through various walls and rooms of the building remains. When the smoke clears, an exclamation from Captain Iksane can be heard: “Kill them all!” The Black Raven captain orders a boarding party to invade the tavern and slaughter any survivors. The Black Raven raiding party, led by the ship’s anchor wielding dragonborn first mate, storms the remnants of the taverns upper floor.

During the opening rounds of combat, the adventures rally to defend themselves. They quickly engage the Black Raven raiding party in the remnants of the tavern’s bedroom hall. As melee erupts, the adventuring party enjoys a brief reunion with Brewgard before focusing on their sky pirate foes. Terrormoon uses the initial chaos to tap into her vampiric heritage, changing into mist and seeping through the cracks of the airship’s hull unnoticed. Beneath the conflict, Damali digs herself out from beneath the rubble only to find herself on the ground floor beneath an airship hovering a mere four feet above her. Heedless of the safety of his own men, Captain Iksane orders round after round of cannon and grapeshot volley into the tavern remains. Bashem, Sharessa , Twinklin, Brewgard, and Sorrow battle the invading pirates in the upper floor main hall as cannon fire explodes all around them. As the battle unfolds, Terrormoon scouts the ship in mist form taking note of the number and general strength of the pirates still upon the ship’s main deck manning the cannons. She also notes that their tiefling captain bears a strange porcelain skull-like mask before returning to the melee below. As the party slowly dispatches the sky pirate’s boarding party, Loudwater’s town bell begins to ring in alarm. Soon afterwards, search flares begin to light up the night’s sky. Realizing their boarding action has been discovered, Captain Iksane orders his crew to prepare to disembark. He gives his men one round to return aboard ship. As the adventurers cut down the sky pirate raiders, Damali crawls out from beneath the ship and climbs unnoticed up the airship’s portside hull.

The adventurers defeat the Black Raven boarding party just as the airship disentangles itself from the ruined tavern. They manage to successfully board the ship by way of the lower decks as it begins to sail away, skyward. Damali chooses this time to reveal herself and climb onto the main deck. Soon afterwards, she is swiftly swarmed by the deck crew. Finding herself in desperate straits, Damali manages to hold ground until the rest of the party can reach topside. Bashem manages to defeat the majority of the Sky Pirate Thugs with one well placed dragon’s breath and the rest of the party focuses on the remaining deck crew. As battle erupts on deck, Captain Iksane focuses on piloting the airship and taking pistol shots at any adventurers he is able to. As the Black Raven airship gains altitude, cannon fire erupts from the town beneath. Out of numerous volleys, only one manages to score a direct hit causing heavy damage to the ships starboard bow.

The captain soon finds himself without allies as they either perish or surrender and allows the ship to soar out of control as he prepares to defend himself. Terrormoon is the first to reach him and is almost forced to jump ship in terror when subjected to the power of the captain’s terror mask. Instead, Terrormoon is able to use her Coutier’s Cape to redirect the mind numbing fear to a nearby recently surrendered Sky Pirate Thug. The thug jumps ship in terror shortly afterwards, plummeting to his demise below. After the captain makes one final attempt at spinning the airship out of control, the adventures manage to corner and slay the vengeful sky captain. The session ends with the adventurers in control of the sky pirate’s airship above the skies of Loudwater. The darkness of night begins to give way to the light of dawn.


Black Raven Revenge Encounter

Black Raven Boarding Party: First Mate Stormtooth [Lv11 Elite Brute] x 1 <slain>; Sky Pirate Magewright [lv12 Standard Artillery] x 1 <slain>; Sky Pirate Marine [lv11 Standard Soldier] x 3 <slain>; Sky Pirate Outlaw [Lv8 Standard Soldier] x 2 <slain>;

Black Raven Deck Crew: Captain Iksane the Nasty [Lv13 Elite Soldier] x 1 <slain>; Sky Pirate Captain [Lv10 Standard Soldier] x 1 <slain>; Sky Pirate Marine [lv11 Standard Soldier] x 1 <slain>; Sky Pirate Sailor [Lv9 Standard Skirmisher] x 3 <surrendered>; Sky Pirate Thugs [Lv9 Minions] x 12 <slain>;

Loot: Galleon-class Airship <captured>; Light Siege Cannon x 3 <captured>; (1) [Level 10]Creeping Gatevine; (1) Potion of Vitality; [Level 11] Gloves of Missile Avoidance; [Level 12] Light Paragon Bloodguard Shield; [Level 11] Battering +3 Maul; [Level 14] Oceanstrider Boots; [Level 14] Paragon Casque of Tactics; [Level 14] Mask of Terrors.


Experienced Earned:
  • Punctuality Bonus: 300
  • Story Recap Bonus: 50
  • Creativity Bonus: 200
  • Forum Participation Bonus: 300
  • Prev. Session Review Bonus: 150
  • Airship Battle: 1200

Total Session Experience: 2200 XP

DM Missed Session Experience: 2000 XP

Total Experience: 32,060 XP

Percentage to Level: LEVEL UP!


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