Ranger | Barbarian

Name Level Race Class Paragon Path Epic Destiny
Terrormoon 11 Half Elf/Dhampir Hybrid Ranger/Barbarian Ruthless Punisher
Alignment Size Initiative Speed Total Experience
Evil Medium +5 5 26,000 XP

Brief Description: 19 years old (appearance), 5’10”, 135 lbs, Red Eyes, Black Hair (Long Straight), Light Brown Complexion

Personality: Bold, Blunt, Confrontational, Carefree

Health _
Hit Points 90
Bloodied Value 45
Healing Surge Value 22
Healing Surge / Day 10
Ability Scores _ _
Strength (str) 19 +4
Constitution (con) 17 +3
Dexterity (dex) 11 0
Intelligence (int) 11 0
Wisdom (wis) 15 +2
Charisma (cha) 19 +4
Defenses _
Armor 22
Fortitude 22
Reflex 18
Will 21
Skills _ _ _
Acrobatics dex +4
Arcana int +5
Athletics Trained str +13
Bluff cha +9
Diplomacy cha +13
Dungeoneering wis +7
Endurance con +8
Heal wis +7
History int +5
Insight wis +7
Intimidate trained cha +14
Nature wis +7
Perception Trained wis +12
Religion int +5
Stealth trained dex +9
Streetwise cha +9
Diplomacy cha +13
Thievery dex +4
Class Features _
Rampage Hunter’s Quarry (Hybrid)
Ranger Reflex (Hybrid) Ranger Fighting Style Two – Blade Fighting Style (Hybrid)
Ruthless Action Most Dangerous Prey
Feats _ _
Toughness Hybrid Talent Armor Proficiency (Chainmail)
Vampiric Heritage Weapon Proficiency (Waraxe) Deadly Axe
Weapon Expertise (Axe) Mist Form
Equipment _
Weapon Bloodclaw Waraxe +2
Weapon Blood Drinker Waraxe +2
Armor Skald’s Chainmail +1
Arms Razor Bracers (Herioc tier)
Neck Courtier’s Cape +2
Powers _ _ _
Twin Strike Overwhelming Strike Jaws of the Wolf Combat Sprint
Pressing Strike Off-Hand Strike Silver Phoenix Rage Weave Through the Fray
Hunter’s Quarry Hammer Fall Attack’s on the Run Resume the Hunt
Nimble Strike Mist Form
Curtain of Steel
Crippling Shot

Olivia Terrormoon.. the first champion of Monea (rumored to be Monea’s wrath personified) and one of the founding powers of what is known currently as “Zarganthia”. As Monea’s champion, she often received her “orders” through visions of her targets committing acts against the goals of her deity.. thus, she felt she was above the church itself, and took orders from no one. Terrormoon’s reign as champion lasted for over 300 years (and it is noted that she never seemed to age.. some suggest that she has vampiric blood flowing through her veins) until she began purging “corrupt” church members as well. The high ranking officials of the clergy became frustrated with her unruly behaviors and actions, but while unable to defeat her, they did successfully manage a ritual capable of splitting her being in two, and sealed both entities in undisclosed locations. all of the members involved in this ritual met a mysterious death shortly after. Thousands of years later, Terrormoon was unknowingly released by the efforts of an up and coming warlord named “Asura Von Midnight” and now seeks to reclaim her other half, as well as her former glory.


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